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At night I dream of you,
in the day you dream of me
it was our biggest curse
that sun and moon never meet

You’re in your own world
and my name is made of stars
miles away another language
feels like verbalising scars

Your words are written right to left
and mine from left to right,
if we can’t move in the same direction
how could we not lose sight?

Your desert is my mountain
and your halva is my milk,
my wool scratches the surface
of your soul hidden in silk

You fought for your country
long after I left mine,
we are both soldiers of love
losing battles of our time

Now you’re leaving and I’m staying
both were never really here,
we just made love mentally
to redefine what’s far and near

So at night I dream of you,
in the day you dream of me
it was our biggest curse
that sun and moon, they never meet.


I always have stories to tell,

though you usually don’t have any,

not because I experience more than you,

but I’m alive inside, unending


Events are mere templates,

your colors give them meaning.

My colors always bleed,

they run into your streams

mixing together in crescendo,

a work of art for free


My abstraction is hard to understand,

and I know I’m outside your lines.

I forget rules when I’m in front of my easel,

while I’m seeking the realest –

it’s not without reason


My cause is critical,

it’s l’chaim and viva!

I’m coloring our life,

and all that gives it meaning


I could write a whole story

about this empty cafe,

or about how I did nothing last night.

You see, my nothing is so full of life,

it could feed a whole new mind


Well, as I love feeding you

like my mother fed me,

I still your hunger more than mine,

if need be


Since I always want to feed you,

sometimes my own heart starves


I give you stories simply because

I have them

and share was my first word.

Why wouldn’t I share?

Then I hope it’s your turn, but

my love is absurd –

you don’t share what you earn


Maybe you have no stories,

not because you don’t live,

but because you don’t absorb –

so absorb my every drip


Absorb this water,

absorb this tree,

absorb this shoelace,

absorb my knees!


I find them so entertaining,

I’d write about my knees alone.

You see, I always have my stories

from what I already own


It’s not easy to feel alive anymore…

We’re always distracted today,

but as an empath I feel your constant void

and it fills me with things to say


So whenever I share my own stories,

then curiously ask you what’s new!

And you answer me with your distant “nothing”,

as if that’s really true…


I sob without you knowing,

sharing my sorrow with my bones,

and not with you or anyone else

who left my stories alone

Love me, there’s always something new,

every breath you take is new


Nothing is ever nothing,

it just means you’re a little blue

but –


Come play with this fire

or you will stay cold

Come play with my fire

before we grow old


(C)old as the wind

I throw all my caution to,

but “she’s like the wind”,

she, she is me:

She who doesn’t just throw air but

becomes air entirely


So come be air with me,

become leaves, become trees,

embrace us now and forever,

love us distraction-free


No ping, pang, trill

No ring or shrill,

I’m here with you

and the world is still


My waves envelope your rocks,

my air moves your leaves.

Let my kiss burn your temples,

let my shadows help you see


Let’s travel the world without moving an inch,

create a tunnel of magic with cotton and lint.

Let’s eat the light from the window like bread,

see the clouds expand like our lungs in our chests


Fly from ankle to shin with our kiss-fueled planes

Reach the navel of our souls with no map,

just heat

tune out everything outside,

be complete in these sheets


Chew my thoughts with your voice,

let me swallow your presence.

Just your breath fills me up,

your warmth is my essence


We surrender to canvas as

your last resistance falls, and

we consumate our presence

with our witness: these walls


Flicking the last switch

Candles, lava lamps



As your fire melts my colors

and mine finally runs yours,

we paint the story we always knew we were

but now it’s true.