Welcome, Bienvenidos, Willkommen!

From wherever in the world you found this page, please feel at home here. Only real talk present, so if you’re in need for some soul in the form of honest words, I hope you can find it on these pages.

My name is Simone, and I also go by Sim, hence Sim Vibes. Sim also means yes in Portuguese. A great coincidence, because ‘yes!’ – a joy for life – is exactly the attitude I want to spread to the people around me. No matter how hard things get, gratitude and focusing on the good are the driving forces of life – please don’t stop believing that at the root of everything.

My personal background includes an incredibly multicultural family. The blessing of many travels and exposure to various different cultures, ideas and languages is crucial to who I am today. I am 23 years old and would describe myself as a sensitive, free-spirited, creative person with innate love and curiosity for other people and the world around me.

This blog is about strength, positivity, overcoming what life throws at us, empowering ourselves to live the life we deserve, and finding equality of opportunities for all people (my particular passion lies in empowering women and girls to realize their rights and opportunities fully).

I hope I can share some inspiring positive and/or relatable vibes with you, how to incorporate what makes life beautiful into your daily lives, to become positive, strong, and resilient no matter where you are starting from or what you are going through. I hope in your darker moments you can realize how you are not alone in your emotions.

In college, I took a course in Positive Psychology with Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth. Martin Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology, started the field at my alma matter, the University of Pennsylvania.

The basic premise of Positive Psychology is that much of Psychology focuses on getting from a psychological problem or disorder to “normal”, from a below-average baseline to better. This is crucial, and can be very important for all of us at some points in our lives.

But what about those of us who have managed to become exceptionally happy? Can we focus on the things that make life wonderful and truly worth living, and can we incorporate them in a way that they become natural to us? I know we can, because it is how I have consciously started living my life, in little ways every day.

One of the most impressive facts in learned in my Positive Psychology course is that takes four to six good things to cancel out a bad (for example, five compliments to outweigh one criticism!). But although the negative is powerful to most, so is the positive, if only you let it be and know how to find and nurture it. Join me on the journey to build and spread positivity, to grow the good more and more every day, around the world, inside every one of us, in our daily lives, no matter who or where we are.

I write about topics personally and unapologetically. Frankly, I believe in no filters in any aspect of our lives, I believe we connect in our most naked moments, coming from the honest core of our hearts.

Here’s to real feelings, raw emotions, ranging from creative non-fiction musings and travel accounts to memoir-style musings. I hope there is something for everyone.

Gratitude, paz y amor and light,



5 thoughts on “Info

  1. Simi,

    You are a very good writer and the article is written by a “life’s pro” at age 22! Yes, do give, but make sure that you keep some for yourself, to replenish your soul.


  2. Hey Simone, I love your articles. It’s like a breath of fresh air reading your words. Please keep it up. I was wondering if you could guide me in the right direction to starting my own blog? Thank you in advance.


    1. Hi Tabitha – Thank you so much for your kind words! In terms of starting your own blog, I think it is helpful to find a theme you’re really passionate about. Is it politics, fashion, psychology? You can be as broad or as narrow as you want, but I think having some kind of overarching theme helps keep you focused. Then write about things you truly care about, it shouldn’t feel like a chore but like you really *want* and have to write about something from your soul 🙂 Make it as personal as you like, write from the heart… Good luck!


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