Summer Grunge

Ciao tutti 🙂

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is just around the corner. For many, that means florals, bright colors and funky prints. But what if you’re more of the grungy, all-black kinda person? Fear not – this season’s for you too.

Take your favorite grungy outfit (like this simple black playsuit) and add a touch of bohemian bling to it with one standout piece that rules any look. Here I’m wearing a stunning raw Amethyst necklace designed by my dear friend Karly from Southern California, who followed her dreams of becoming a jewelry designer. It’s tough being a small business nowadays, but those unique initiatives are the kind I love supporting in a world of fast fashion. Don’t get me wrong – fast fashion has many benefits for many of us (price-friendly, trendy, accessible), so if you can mix some of your favorite mainstream brands with the most unique designs by small businesses, you’ve got it all covered. Find more of Karly’s beautiful jewelry at K Bird Design for a touch of California any time, any place, any grunge.

Playsuit – Forever 21, Nameplate – Custom made in Brooklyn, Amethyst Necklace – K Bird Design, Flats – Zara.

Photos by V 😉

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